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Camel Safari in Rajasthan

North India Manali Hill Station

Jaisalmer Camel Safari

camel safariRide a camel and sway with your camel's gait as you trek towards enthralling sand dunes steeped in honey colored mist. As you near the desert expanse, the sun begins to set behind the dunes and the molten-gold desert changes hues to glistening ochre, deep yellow-red, red, bluish to a dark black.

The camel riders cum guides who accompany you on your Jaisalmer camel safari sport colorful tunics and bright turbans enchant you with desert tales as you ride deeper into the mammoth Thar.

Discover desert traditions, folk culture and desert ways during your Jaisalmer camel safari with Rajasthan Holiday. Help your safari guides pitch in tents, relieve the camels of their heavy load and tie them to wooden posts for them to rest, collect dried twigs and light a small fire.

Enjoy the sheer pleasure of watching your caravan guides cook traditional meals over the tiny bonfire and experience the magic of relaxing on a massive sand carpet with twinkling stars overhead.

Let Rajasthan Holiday show you a captivating land that engages you with its countless colors and delightfully attractive charms.

Sam and Khuri Sand Dunes :

Sam and Khuri Sand Dunes are two most sought-after destinations close to Jaisalmer. People from far-flung places go for excursions to these places to see the real colors of desert life. Enjoy a breathtaking view of sunrise or sunset over the sand. Most of the tourists who come to Jaisalmer have desires of indulging camel / jeep safaris. On camel / jeep safari, enjoy a panoramic view of a vast desert.

Sam and Khuri Camps in Jaisalmer in provide standard facilities to tourists. Sam is just 45 km from the Golden City while Khuri is just 40 km away from Jaisalmer. Sam and Khuri Camps provide comfortable accommodation in Swiss tents. Guests can enjoy campfire and cultural performances while camping on Sam and Khuri Sand Dunes. These safari camps also enable you to get mingle with locals and explore their culture and lifestyle.

Sam and Khuri, the two exotic destinations near Jaisalmer. These places are best to witness the lovely horizon, the golden dunes of the Thar Desert and to experience the desert life of Rajasthan. The sand is sculpted by the wind into smooth curves and ripples, and is a beautiful sight. The sunset over the sand dunes is truly breathtaking. This is not just the end; you can enjoy an adventurous ride on camel's back to see of the beautiful sand dunes. And last but not the least, you'll be delighted to enjoy the campfire with the live performance by Rajasthani folk music and dance artists.

Sam - Located 45 kms west of Jaisalmer, are the proper sand dunes and popular with camel safaris. This Jaisalmer's nearest real Sahara like desert. the ripples on the wind caressed dunes create enchanting images - a photograph's delight. The sand shimmers under the glow of hotel sun highlighting what actually a desert stands for. Various cultural programmers are organized again the backdrops of these fascinating dunes. Adventure freaks can go out on a camel Safari getting the real feel of the desert on the Camel back.

Best time to visit : November to February

Khuri :
khuri desert
Location : 40 kms south west of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan
Languages : Hindi, Rajasthani and English
Best Time to Visit : October to March

Khuri - Surrounded by huge desert hills, the Khuri village is located just 40 kms in the south west of Jaisalmer. The village is getting more popular among the tourists looking for the real desert life by staying in the thatched huts. Feel the real romance underneath the starlit night at Khuri. Explore the exotic sand dunes on a camel back to witness the spectacular Sunset behind the Golden desert.

At Khuri Village, experience the hospitality that is so much associated with Rajasthan. The warmth of the people is sure to make you feel at home away from home. It will be the most unique and personal way to experience the cultural tours of Rajasthan. The village carries a unique charm that makes it distinct from the other tourist destinations in Rajasthan. Narrow streets of the villages lined with shops selling local handcrafted items and food is a site to behold. Your stay at Khuri village is sure to be an enriching experience that you will cherish for the rest of your life. Just pack your bags and get ready to have an experience of a lifetime.

Major attractions in Khuri
Khuri's is renowned for its sand dunes, the waves of golden sand. The Jodha Rajputs live here and even today you can see the stamp of Rajput culture in them. Camel safaris from Khuri are also very popular. However, being a border area, because of safety reasons, there are a lot of restrictions here and foreigners are not allowed.

Swiss tents and ethnic Rajasthani style thatched huts are available at Sam and Khuri. These are equipped all basic amenities.

Services & Facilities
Camel safari, village safari, desert wildlife safari, Rajasthani music and dance shows, camp fire, travel assistance, shopping assistance

Bikaner Camel Safari

camel safariThar camel safari, Bikaner, India welcomes you to this land of camels, desert, palaces, folklores, mysteries and charms. Our safari has been operating since1998 in Bikaner region of thar desert, providing our guests fun and galore. We claim to be the finest in this profession and promise to give you the best of experience ever. We offer individual and group camel and jeep safari's at reasonable rates.

If you are an independent traveller or heading a group of adventurers or sponsoring a group of tourists, we listen and effectively respond to your needs and those of your clients. We are experts at translating those needs into marketing solutions that work, look great and communicate well. Our group consists of well behaved, good english speaking guides, cooks and laboures equipped with all the necessary items one can need in desert for camping. Please scroll through the pages of our website to find more useful information on camel safari.

The excitment begins - while safarying, as the sun descends into the horizon, we stop to allow you to take sunset photographs, while standing on top of the fading desert dunes. We head to the campsite where a convoy of camels awaits your arrival for short camel rides. You can enjoy buffet dinner beside a blazing bonfire with traditional cups of coffee and dates, underneath the pitch-black night sky.

About Bikaner city - Bikaner city lies on the northern point on the triangle of desert cities. Bikaner is a Norther royal walled city dating back 1486 A . D. It was established by a Rathore prince, Bika and came to be called Bikaner after him. Bika was the eldest son of the founder of Jodhpur state - Rao Jodha. Bikaner was well protected from its enemies by the harsh desert which surrounded this city. It was, however a major trade centre as it stood on the ancient carvan route which linked central Asia and north India with the Gujarat seaports. Other outside influences were minimal and this city was able to keep its medieval flavour.

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